Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Music at the moment

Well, I think today's post will be about some music that I've been listening to alot lately. Some of it is quite new, some has been around for a while.
Firstly, I saw the VMAs and the Young the Giant performance. Now, I hadn't really heard of them before but they were pretty good and "My Body" was catchy. My sister discovered the next day that I had previously downloaded "My Body" to my surprise. I must have downloaded it when they were a free song on iTunes a while ago and I just didn't really pay attention to the song. (I tend to just download all the Artist of the Week freebies without really looking at them)
And therefore, numero uno fave is...

  "My Body" by Young the Giant

Next, is an artist from across the pond who definately deserves a spot on the US charts: Ed Sheeran! I heard of him because he played Camp Bestival this year which prompted me to head over to good ol' YouTube and search for some of his music.
Here are two songs that have been on repeat:

  "You Need Me (I Don't Need You)" & "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran

Next is a song that I have John Mayer to thank for. I saw a video of him at Berklee College of Music and he played a part of this song. Recently I heard it on the radio in my car and it sparked my memory and I've been listening to it since.

  "Better Man" by Pearl Jam

This last song is so good that it's pretty self explanitory.

  "Lights" by Ellie Goulding

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